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Hey Ellie,

That's a real good job!!! Real cute critters! Keep up the good work!! :lol: :cboy:
Ellie May
I have told you before that you can be anything or anyone that you want ro be. You are on the road tro success. Just don't stop.
Your web site looks great.
Best of luck to you.

Love the site, and you've got some great pictures of your animals.

One suggestion on your site: consolidate your home page and have a separate page for links. The home page is the first page your viewers will see. A brief, concise page is nice. From a technical standpoint, it is nice if the user doesn't have to scroll down on the index page. The links are great, and a separate page for them would help keep them organized. You could even separate links into useful categories.

I like how your site has a navigation menu to the left. It is very easy to browse through your site, as all the pages have the same look and feel and the links are easily accessible.

Anyway, great site. I'll have to bookmark it so I can check back now and then.

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