Weatherman Said WHAT????

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Feb 24, 2007
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Possibility of rain showers with a chance of snow. Might get has warm as 48 degrees with more rain and snow showers. :shock: :shock:

Just got done draining hoses, bringing in the started seeds not planted and other plants that were not put in the ground. Son covered his flower bed, draining their "pool" which is a stock tank. Going to cover the tomatos. Take a bale down to the barn and bring in the horses.
Going to be busy today.
we had 25 deg yesterday and today it is like winter again with a high of 11 deg, think the World weather is going mad. Global warming where more like Global freezing. Need to put the heating back on tonight. Not going to be much different tomorrow and a chance of Thunder storms. :mad: :frowns:
alacattleman":56qdt3qt said:
yeap im tired of it too, we had a cold front come through last night. it's only gon be in the 70"S today :cowboy:
Careful what you complain about. :lol: Your in June now. :nod:
Tired is an understatement. Got that all done and then some.
Just checked the accu weather map and it is showing snow in the northwest corner of the state and a large low spinning to the south of us.

Come on rain!
we need it.
We are having a late start to winter. Had 13 inches of rain the last three weeks. had a light frost this morning and probably yesterday as well. Nice and sunny up to about 22c. Forecast is for some snow down south on the Alps. We can do without rain for a while now.
I think my eyes were lying to me :shock: I saw "WINTER STORM WARNING" :help: for North Eastern Montana.
This is going to be the year without a Summer, in the North country. There were frost warning here 2 nights this past week. Highs in the 50's :shock: My garden hasn't come up worth a crap. Tomatoes plants and corn are yellow and sickly looking. Guess the global warming people were right. :???:
Raining here right now. Radar is showing snow north west and south of us.
5-10" of snow in the mountains, 4" possible in the foothills and possible dusting here. :shock:

Husband is trying to remember the last time there was a year without a summer. 1916?

mnmt my tomatos look yellow and sickly too. Only thing really up is my onions and potatos.

Taken an hour ago. Snow has gotten worse. :(
Right now, to me, that is a pretty sight........... Sorry.

Things are looking up, we have a 30% chance of scattered showers next Saturday.
I luv herfrds":3dsgs273 said:
Let's see if this works. fingers crossed.

Yep it works. :D That is my son and myself talking.
Wow that's good to hear your voice, how did you get the video onto youtube? and I do not envy you one bit snow in June YUCK. and not just a blanket of the stuff. makes me shiver just looking at it.
now seeing that pic makes me its supposed tobe in the 90s here today.the cows look like they are disgusted that its snowing.
Hope the moisture does you some good. It remains cold and dry here. 60% chance of rain tomorrow. :roll:
bigbull I was betting that they were pretty happy to still have some winter hair on them. I think we hit 51 degrees today. Raining off and on.

Chrisy I shot the video on my digital camera, downloaded it to "My Pictures". went to Youtube and clicked the browse button and picked which video I wanted to download.
Great video ILH,,you would think you lived in Alberta having snow in june.. :lol2:

We finally got some rain today but need way more. They said 2 cm's of snow last night but it didn't happen. It did however freeze again. I hope it did not screw up what little alfalfa that has popped it's head up so far...

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