Weather Report from Australia.

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Colin Chevalley

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Dec 25, 2003
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Northern NSW Australia
Well at last some parts of Australia have had beneficial rain.
Large areas of inland Queensland and northen NSW have had from 5-10 inches of rain. Causing flooding in some areas but not too serious though.
We had five and a bit inches,never lost any fences or caused any damage hardly run our creek and river. The rain was ideal it rained for about five days for the 5".
We have plenty of grass,our cattle are fat as anything,cattle prices are on the rise. Made my cattle yards a bit muddy which has slowed my show cattle preparation down a little but what the heck.
We have about three months (unless it frosts early) of growing time left before Autumn really bites. We haven't had as good a start for many years. We have had rain in late Feb/March but that is too late at our 3,000 feet altitude. Down on the coast its OK as it has a longer growing period because of the heat and humidity.
Anyway we are happy with our good fortune hope it lasts.

Glad to hear you are getting moisture. We've been really getting it up here in Montana too, but its all coming as white stuff. We've had close to 40 inches of snow already this winter- still a foot to 2 feet deep on the level with 8 and 10 foot drifts. Sure should break our drought and make for some green grass in the spring.
Getting to be a long and depressing winter though since we've had snow on the ground since October. And now everyday for the last month its fog. That means a wet April (rain 90 days after a fog). If all this melts fast and it starts raining, I'll be floating down the Missouri.

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