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Apr 16, 2014
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Southeast Missouri
Forecasted over the next couple of days. I'm nervous as a cat. I just went through a batch of calves sick about two weeks or so ago. Not fun, but didn't lose any.
Sat. 62, rain, chance of t'storms West at 14mph
Sat. nite 20, icy mix, NW at 16
Sun. 20, clear, N at 9-16
Sun. nite 8, clear, N at 8

Then warming daily to mid 40's high mid week.

How big a wreck are you expecting with this weather in our area?

Probably only one calf under 150-200 lbs, several 250 or maybe a little more.
It was 77 here yesterday
Wind is blowing and temp has dropped 10 degrees in the last hour.
Forecasting a low of 11 tonight and highs around freezing.
With cheap wheat lots of wheat pasture calves in my area.
It may be a wreck