weather by pinecones

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Sep 4, 2006
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myakka city fl
wife brought home a bunch for makin some christmas baskets and noticed right before it got cold and rainy they folded up real tight. then opened fter the weather passed. keep in ind these were offa the ground and been in a basket on the back proch for amonth or better...hadnt ever heard of anyone using pinecones to predict the weather but i will have a days notice before it gets cold again...thought it was kinda cool
interesting... though at our place the pines are dying off by the millions.. on our side of the river we have some firs still, which is good, but the east side of the river will be a desert in a couple years

I'll have to remember that
They will fold and unfold based on humidity. If you keep them indoors they will (should) stay open. I know a few tricks with pine straw too. Pine straw is very porous and can be used in lieu of humidity sticks.

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