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Jan 13, 2007
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Recently bought this 7&1/2 month old bull for future sire. Previous owner wasn't sure about being weaned. I put him In lot to get use to our place. He been bawling a lot. How long before I would be able to let him run with the herd?
Have you got an old cow that you could put with him for company?
I'm with Murry, at least 2wks.

Nice looking bull calf.
MurraysMutts said:
2 weeks minimum for me.
How do someone own a calf and not know if its weaned? Lol
Did he just buy it to resell? He hadn't seen it suck in while.

U got decent fence? Our fences are decent, but if an animal wants out, who knows.
Not sucking and weaned are 2 totally different things. That baby is still gonna be looking for mama. I'd rather keep one penned a lil longer than chase a scared calf across the country side... lol
I agree with the others, at least 2 weeks. I like to keep mine up in the barn for around a week, then let them into a small lot for another week or so before even thinking of turning them out in any sizable field. If they are turned out too soon they will "walk the fence" until they make themselves sick. They are also capable of getting out the field in ways you wouldn't think possible during that time.
Very well developed bull calf, at least 2 weeks, preferably till he comes to a bucket, no questions asked.
2 weeks, we do that for everything (weaned or not) just a good practice for keeping them in isolation in case they are sick as well.
Two weeks minimum as we let them settle and then begin a round of vaccinations. We do not give blackleg with other vaccines so it stretches out. The time gives the animals time to get used to me and gives me time to understand them. It is a cheap way to be sure about them and if you feed them decent then you also are not losing money if you go ahead and sell them sooner.

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