Weaning heifers

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May 1, 2004
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I am currently in the process of renting another farm. This will be used by myself and a friend to raise heifers to target breeding weight. My friend sggested that we run some steers in with them. Do any of you all raise them together? We have always kept them separate. The only positive side I can see is it would be one less place to check and feed. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks,
Not sure how big they are now but if you run the steers in with them and the heifers cycle your going to have a gang of steers running the heifers around and around the field wether they have the needed equipment or not. If they were mine I'd keep them seperate so not to cause any undo stress on the heifers not to mention that maybe all the chasing going on might cuse some small weight loss on both sets. Just my opinion and I'm sure some of the more experienced people on here will help you with their advice.
We run steers with our heifers. The steers will mount the heifers when they come in heat, but for us its hasn't been a problem as far a stress or the heifers loosing weight.
I agree with txshowmom on this one. I don't know of any serious downside to running steers with heifers. The advantages of having them all in one place would outweigh any minor disadvantages for me. As I have been known to say, "everything is a compromise".
We usually seperate the steers and heifers for feeding requirements. We feed the steers grain heavily during the weaning process and the heifers get a little grain. If we have some steers that do not make the size requirements they are raised with the heifers untill sold.

I keep steers and heifers being fed for slaughter seperate from heifers being kept for breeding ,both get fed grain and hay but I like to feed less grain and more hay to heifers staying on for breeded trying to get them growing good without getting too fat

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