Weaning Calves

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Oct 8, 2004
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Hi all, I have a baby calf that I got from the sale barn approximately 8 weeks ago. He is still bottle feeding and has no interest in calf starter. Occassionally he does take a nibble at it. He does eat small amounts of grass and weeds. He appears to be healthy, but isn't growing very much. He seemed to be a runt when we got him, not much bigger than my medium sized dog. Any suggestions? Also, now he seems to be getting bald patches on his skin, and I see today his hair is falling off of one of his ears too.
After the bottle, shove some of the calf starter grain in his mouth, that usually gets them interested. Don't over feed the milk.
The hair thing sounds like lice, probably too early, or ring worm. Could also be rubbing them on something when he eats/drinks.

I too had a baby calf that was loosing his hair in patches, initially thought that maybe the other calf in the pen with it was doing it to him, this other calf had a problem with sucking on him. Kept him away from her and the hair continued to fall out, seemed like every day another patch was gone. Had the vet look at him, said it appeared to be some sort of allergic reaction, possibly from a shot. He gave me a product called DermaCloth to rub on him daily. Did it for about a week the hair started growing back and about 4 to 5 weeks later had a body full of hair again. Just a suggestion.
it might be photosynthesis sp??

had one a while back that lost about 2/3's of its hair before it finally all grew back.

just a guess, good luck

I agree with Dun. After this leave some out in the morning for it to eat. Make sure you keep it fresh. About a 1/4 of a coffee can and up it as the calf eats more.

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