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Jan 3, 2007
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Northwest Texas
After much reading and research on the best way to wean..I decided to take the cold turkey approach. I was prepared for blubbering and such, but had NONE. Momma cow went to the next town over to be bred, calf is staying in a pen with my other heifer. Simply loaded them both up on the trailer, drove over to the pen, used a panel to block the cow and unloaded the calf.

Cow came off the trailer at the bull's place calm as a cucumber..I mean very calm.

I was extremly pleased with how easy and low stress it was on both my cows and myself. Just reinenforced the fact that working cattle calmly, even in stressful situations, really makes it a less painful experience for everyone. thanks for those who offered advice in the weaning threads..While I did not comment, I read and learned. :)

I am liking this calf more each day. will wait and see what she does. she is almost 6 months old, photos taken the day after weaning.


We weaned this week two. Twice. Not as smooth as spin's...
Monday we separated them and took the steers we're not feeding out directly to the stockyard. Other calves stayed in the arena, mama's on the outside - same procedure as the last several years. This time some smart mama found the gate that was hung wrong and lifted it off the hinges during the night. :mad:
So we got to wean again on Tues - and hang the gate correctly. :nod: This time, mama's went back across the road to their main pasture, leaving a total of four fences between them and calves. So far everybody's still where they're supposed to be. Dang sure don't want to go through all that 3 times!
its no fun when they can get the gate open.i sold 2 heifers year before last.an had them in the corral an they got a gate open.so i had to catch them twice.
Well at this stage I only have 2 to wean 1 steer (& that will be "fixed" next Tuesday) & 1 heifer. The 1st time we got the heifer in she was slightly stirred up so it didn't go well so we let her out & started again several days later. For the first time I used an Easy Wean nose ring - the only problem I had was trying to get the ring into the heifers nose after much snot & slobber got the ring in & tightened up & let the heifer back out with the herd so far so good :nod:
thanks bigbull..shes got alot of ear on her..I like her alot.

Farmwriter, that is a raw deal..throws a kink into your plans when they dont follow what they are suppossed to do.

Loch, glad to hear the weaning ring is working for you..Im curious to try that one year...know all about snot and slobber!

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