Weak bottle calf

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May 28, 2009
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I have a very weak bottle calf. I think she is close to death. She barely eats now. We know we can make alot of money from her but unfortunately in this hard time we cannot afford to go to the vet. I see other posts where people suggest Micotil and Nuflor but we just cant afford the vet visit. Can anyone offer any suggestions to me?

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If you can afford milk replacer you can afford a visit to the vet..BTW most vet calls/or in person are free they just charge you for examining the animal however it is very unlikely they will give you any meds..Why don;t you try to ask a neighbor who raises cattle to have a look ...All meds will cost money though ....

I am curious as to how she will make a lot of money for you if you are not equipped to handle all scenarios that may pop up..
How old?
Any other symptoms?
Is it scouring?

More info is needed for people to help you. If it is scouring keep fluids in it.
If you are this lost, what are you doing even attempting to raise a bottle calf ? Not something a novice can just dive right into and be successful at.

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