We may all be missing the boat, by not raising Corrientes!

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I wouldn't know, Shaz. Don't know that I ever heard of anyone feeding out Corrientes for beef. Roped out steers, and cows and bulls too old to breed are most likely ground up, like dairy cow culls are, into hamburger. Apparently, though, the Angus or Brangus x Corriente steers marble enough to gain CAB status.
There's a guy up by Vernal Utah that sells Corriente halves and has repeat customers every year. I ate at his table and the steak was tender and had enough fat to be tasty. Of course I have no idea what it was from or how it was fed or trimmed, but have no reason to think he was feeding us anything from off the farm.
Mostly I would say yes but I have a 6 year old Corriente that is 7 months bred and weighed 685 recently. I will not give her a second look when she starts to calve. But I'm sure she won't have a 100# calf either. She cost $285 back in the summer at 1 month bred. Pretty sure her calf will double that next fall.
Almost forgot about this cow. She calved about a month ago. Charolais cross heifer with a rat tail. Probably 65lb when born but growing well.
When we left the place the last Sunday in February, we just kept our 3 Corrientes that hadn't calved yet, and the 12 Fla Scrubs and Pineywoods I had bought last month, in the corral with a couple of round bales, because we knew they would all calve in the next 2 weeks. Scott called me yesterday and said he went by, and the 3 Corrs had calved with Corriente calves,-... all of them heifers... and 8 of my new ones had calved..6 black bulls and 2 black heifers. He just went ahead and tagged and steered them and let them back out into the pasture. The other 4 ought to come in the next few days. So, out of the 120 Corrs we bred to the 6 Ultrablack bulls, one was killed by a poacher and the other 119 had 114 Ultrablack calves. in about a 30-day window. This year we will be turning the bulls out probably Easter weekend with 99 cows, if we leave last year's 4 Corr heifers in They will be 14-15 months old, and I have concerns about the bulls Scott is planning on using this year. I want to wait til we put the Corriente clean-up bull in Memorial day weekend myself on those 4. I am not worried about the 95 cows, just not sure on the consistency of the crop next year. Over the years, we used Angus, then Brangus, and these last 2 years Ultrablack, with amazing results. I think we gonna end up with some horn or scurs, and some Simmental chrome next February. Those 5 or 6 bulls are all the same age, and there is probably 300lbs difference in the lightest and the heaviest, and 5 inches or so in shoulder height between the tallest and shortest, with them being varying percentages of Brahma, Chi-Angus, Black Simmental and Brangus.
My last 4 Fla Scrub and Pineywoods have come in....3 bulls and a heifer...all black and polled. I reckon we are gonna put that Chinese cluster f*** of bulls in with these 99 cows the weekend after Easter. I think next year's calves will be a mess! 6 different kinds of bulls!

I will pull those 4 Corriente heifers out and bring them back Memorial weekend when we pull those bulls and put the Corriente clean-up bull in.
He is ok though. I check on him occasionally.
Tell him I said hey howdy hi!
He should stop in every now and then.

O yeah. This thread.
I gave up pretty quick on the Corriente idea. Before I ever got started actually. Traded one or two after I cut their horns off just for spite. 😆

Most folks around her got wise to the shenanigans pretty quick. Could be because some were just using any ol bull and the quality was sub par. Could just be cuz a Corriente cross is still just a Corriente cross too!

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