ways to treat new calves with scours

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Mar 3, 2009
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Does anyone have a cheaper way to treat scours in newborn calves. The way I do it costs about $15, which is of course worth it, but if there's a cheaper way i'm all ears. What I do is first force a bottle of kaopectayte, which is just to stop the fluid loss, works great. Second I give the calf two regular bayer aspirin, which helps with the fever, and makes the calf feel better which sometimes means makes the calf feel like it wants to live. A feeling of well bieng in a sick animal can go a long way. The actual treatment, is giving the calf teramyacin. My feed store carries the big pills that call for one every twelve hours per hundred weight. I give one per twelve hours for four days no matter the size of the newborn, and it seems to work well everytime. Now, as I said, I think it's well worth the money to save the calf, that's a no brainer, but i'm always out for learning new ways, especially cheaper ones. Anybody got anything?
I just use electrolytes and scour pills and sometimes a shot of Nuflor or Trivetrin if the vet advises it. Depending on how down and out the calf is I may give the entire dose of electrolytes at once, or I may split it up into 3-4 smaller feedings. The smaller more frequent feedings to the weaker calves. We have use Sustain III pills, and they work very well. Calfspan is another good one too.
Spectra is a scours medicine for pigs, but it works better on calves than anything made for calves. I use it, plus electrolytes. I use about 1/4 of a 8oz bottle.

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