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I am looking to replace my waterers. I've decided against the ball type, but am undecided about whether to go with the old metal type or the plastic.

There is a concrete hole under the waterers...about 12-18 inches deep and the same across.

What are the pros and cons of each type and can I use either with the current set-up for hooking it up.


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I am not sure I follow? If you are talking stock tanks, that you want to put over a hole, I would be careful with the plastic. The weight of the water may cause sagging and cracking of the bottom. I put a rubbermaid tank over some superficial roots and not long after the bottom cracked. I repaired it with silicone and a piece of lucite.
Depending on where your water source is located, you might want to re-think the ball type waterer. The ball will aid to prevent feces from being deposited directly into your available water, which will also require less frequent cleaning. Unless, of course, you have time to clean your waterer on a daily basis...I don't. Cattle just seem to be able to aim their bowel movements directly for the waterer. We have experienced cold winters here in PA and have absolutely no problem with the numerous plastic Ritchie waterers that we have. Some are directly out in the field or between pastures with no shelter from the elements. I did have a Nelson, bowl-type, in the horse barn that would freeze up every chance it got. And that was with a heater! The key secret is to install your waterer exactly as the manufacture indicates.

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