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I know this probably ain't the place to post this but, I started working on my place and was told by the man I lease my land to run his cows on,I better check into water before I build. He said he didn't think I'd have much luck at having a productive well. I checked into it and he may be right. I'm gonna dig a test well next wk. and hope for the best. My only option after that would be a cistren system which leads to my question. Any of yall have any experience with this type of water system for house hold water. I got plenty of surface water for my cows. Community water is only 1.5 miles from me. They don't have plans on extending that anytime soon but maybe in the future. I was thinking maybe I could make it with a cistren system for a few years and one day they'll extend the comm. water line closer to me. Thanx for any experience or advise.
If you don't have a domestic well that is deep enough to filter the water from ground contaminants, or, you use a rainwater collection system or whatever, it would be MOST important to have a chlorination system built into the water for any domestic use. E. Coli and other biologicals are not nice to have in your drinking or other human consumption water. Even shallow wells (say under 75' deep) should always be uphill from any livestock, sewerage systems, and/or any other potential ground water run-off that might contain contaminants from biologicals or inorganic compounds. Check with your State Health Department or State Water Board. Don't know if this answers your question the way I interpreted it.

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