Water Rights Lease

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Dec 28, 2010
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southern il.
I pasture, spring thru fall 12 fall calving cows . Pasture has a small pond for them to run to. I hauled water July and August last year. Ok now the question : Neighbor across the road has a pond they use for recreation . I would like to pull water from their pond vs. hauling . I'm sure they would never see a water level drop from the amount I would use . How would I put a value for these rights. And as a neighbor what would it be worth to you ? Thanks Rj
That's not really called a water rights lease. In fact I would stay as far away from that wording as possible.

What you need is a contract to purchase water with your neighbor. We do it all the time for drilling and fracing O&G wells. Just get with your neighbor and outline a time frame, how much per gallon, how it will be transported, etc. Type it up and have both parties sign it.

You will need a flow meter or some way to measure how much you are using.

On cost that is just what ever you two can agree on.
Everybody is sue happy , both parties need liability insurance, personally I would not lease water rights, not worth the hassle

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