Was surprised at how cheap timothy seed is.

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Steve Wilson

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May 29, 2008
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Mid Missouri
Called the local elevator a couple weeks ago to buy some timothy seed. All he had available was Missouri Southern Seed's Cow-Pro Forage Timothy. A taller growing and more leafy variety. I went to pick it up and the manager wasn't there. The assistant didn't know the prices. So he called the manager at home, he didn't know either. We'll bill you. No....I'll write you a check now......fill in the amount when you find the current price. I got the reciept in the mail this week. $58.10 per 50 pound bag. I was expecting twice that. Timothy must be WAY cheaper than I imagined.
Bought 2 bags of Common Timothy about a month ago, don't have the ticket in front of me but I remember it being around $180 total.

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