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Apr 29, 2006
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Has anyone else seen this? A message from UPS or FedX. Saying there's a backup in deliveries?
click for details DON'T OPEN IT, it's a virus been spreading like crazy the last few days.
Havent seen that one yet. Lots of crap like that going around this time of year.
Haven't seen it, but thanks for the warning!

Got a virus thing the other day that tried to install itself on the computer. It was an offer for something and even if you clicked on No Thanks, it installs anyway. My anti-virus got it right away.
I don't click the "no thanks" buttons because it is a responce back the the site. I just close the browser window.
Some of the programs are smarter than that now. You can issue a soft boot and shut the process down if you know what to look for. When you click on the close command in the top right hand corner, it can be intercepted by the virus program because it has the thread. If you shut it down like I mentioned, the OS has the thread.

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