Warmer days = bass biting

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I used to live near Conroe. My oldest sister and her daughter live there now.
If you hadn't moved west, I would have visited you a couple times by now, like it or not.
My son just moved there last spring. Was hoping he'd get back closer to home, but it's still better than Delaware.
Cut and Shoot?
That's what I was thinking!!

105 on both sides of Conroe used to be a nice road to travel but the traffic and red lights have gotten terrible in the last 10-15 years. When I lived out in Tom Green County (San Angelo) I would go down thru Brady & Llano thru BeeCave, Austin/Bastrop/Brenham/Navasota/Conroe to Cleveland. NO MORE! Traffic and po-po are terrible all along 105 and getting thru Austin became a pita even on the 4 lane.

Nowadays, I travel cross country East on 190 to Cameron/Milano (36) / get on 21 at Caldwell, and at Bryan, jump on Texas 30 and go to outskirts of Huntsville and go down to New Waverly, then down 150 thru Pumpkin and Evergreen to North side of Cleveland. My sister loves to go over thru Willis to get to Conroe from North Cleveland and I hate it.

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