war horse

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Aug 15, 2006
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I've wandered over to fuglyhorseoftheday-they are fussing about some girl who has taught her horse to rear.
I can't talk to them,to tell my story,which bothers me,so I'll post here and maybe it'll leave my mind..

Wen I was 16 I had a horse-16 hand,black,smart.. one day(remember,this is over 50 years ago) a drunk tried to pull his bridle off! There was a bit more to it,but I got away,went home and started training. He was trained to paw,bite ,strike,rear and kick. He could do that rear,leap straight up and kick out. It took 3 seperate cues,voice hand and leg in the right order to do any of these. I was rideing alone usually from pasture to pasture on public roads and by the hiway. We only had to do one demo to set his reputation. One of my friends had her horse taken,ridden with barbed wire for a bit--Never happened to my horse! He was trained,none of this was random behavior. Oh yeah, He was steddy for a rifle being shot off his back.
Like I said-War Horse.

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