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I recently bought some cattle from a guy who has about 300 head. He swears by Vita-Ferm especially the power kegs. A 200 lb keg runs about $55 in my area. Is this better than most supplements, seems kind of pricey to me. Anyone have any pros or cons on it?
I've heard of the product, but I'm not sure what all is in it. I'm not trying to be smart, but it really wouldn't even matter to me. In my opinion, a cow never needs to put anything in her mouth that costs $550 a ton! What kind of "supplement" is it?
cCheck oit this site.

I have used Vita Ferm for many years. It will help your cattle get every ounce of nutrition out of the roughage that they are eating. I don't think there is a better product on the market.
la4angus":21duvo5g said:
I don't think there is a better product on the market.
That's a good testimonial, LA. I checked out that link you provided. Still think its too high for me, though. Especially after I saw this part about the Power Keg:

"Consumption should be approximately .75-1.25 lbs./hd/day."

At $550 a ton, that's pretty big money! Course you Angus guys are rolling in dough now, anyway. Y'all could probably feed twenties for a fiber source if you had too! ;-)
Agree w/ La 100%. I will not use anything other than the breeder booster from the time the first calf hits the ground till I have the last cow AI ed. Good stuff, well worth the price.

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