Video: National Junior Angus Show Champion Heifer

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Jul 29, 2008
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Below is the video on the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Heifers from the Owned Show. Congrats to all those that participated.

To see all the videos from Junior National search National Junior Angus Show 2009 on or visit
KNERSIE":1n2l15qu said:
creativecattle":1n2l15qu said:
Thanks. It was fun being there.

The name of the winner seems to ring a bell, do we know him?

I THINK (and trusting my memory on details like this is dangerous) that he is with the Boyds that also raise Herefords in Kentucky.
The Boyd family was extremely involved in Herefords and now Charlie still sells a few bulls through his sale each year. The have switched their focus more towards Angus now. Great family to see win this honor.

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