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We live in a remote area and the vets don't seem to want to come out on farm calls.Sometimes when they do they won't bring the meds they will need,even when you tell them the probblem.Lately we had a neighboor call and say she had a horse cut up it was awful.There was a part of a tree wedged in the cut.The vet wouldn't come out so I loaned my trailer to them and they hauled in.He just saidwash it out and no sutures or cutting off the old skin to make the area heal better charged 80.00$ and sent them home. 2 days later another horse was bleeding bad The same vet wouldn't come out..And another was called out the base charge was 90.00$ before treatment, The total would have been 200.00$ So some of us got togeather and treated the animal putting pressure wraps on until the bleeding stopped this took 3 Hrs. My question is what is with the vets up here?? Before I moved up here If I had a question my vet always made a point of calling back and allways showed up if I needed him...

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Sorry about your Vet problem...:( What part of the country are you located? Sounds like your "local" Vets are into staying at their office and treating pampered, beauty shop type designer dogs and cats!

It this is a perpetual problem in your area, I would recommended that one or some of you go take a course at a University in cattle and/or equine care--first aid type stuff, etc. Also, assemble a comprehensive first aid kit for your place.

Finally, if you can locate a "real" Vet who actually cares for livestock injuries and illnesses, grab him or her!

Short of a hands-on University first aid course for livestock, get a real good book on first aid for animals and study it thoroughly.

In meantime, good luck.... :)

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> Sounds like if a real vet comes
> into your area he'll have lots of
> business.

Yea' Thanks Danny and Bill, As for me I don't use a vet veary often. I do mine myself.I find like doctors they do to many tests etc. It's a safe bet for them so they won't get sued. It's the other people I get concerned with. They call on me because I know what to do in most cases. My other neighboor friends tell them to come see me and I do it for the animals sake. But I can't understand the attidude of the vets here.I wonder if it's because of the type of people here. Were in a part of the country where there is still no phones or running water..No lights etc.. Its there if you want to spend a fortune. Most people don't or won't. I live in the Pacific North West. I have never had a personal problem with the vets and while I am not rich I do pay my bill in a timely manner.I know they need to eat to. Anyway I was just flustrated Thanks..

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