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For many of the Godless in this country Vegan is a religion and they drive their Subaru Chariots of Fire to the Whole Foods Church weekly to worship and fellowship with their brethern.
For many of the Godless in this country Vegan is a religion....
And yet many biblically ignorant Christians overlook that in the Bible Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah were all healthier after their diets were changed from the King's rich meat diet to pulse; (pods (beans) grains and vegetables)
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Ain't gone vegan on us have you?
No, not there is anything wrong with choosing to be vegan, but I did edit post, so as not to unnecessarily offend anyone.
But Americans would be a lot healthier and happier if they paid just 1/2 as much attention to their own diets as what farmers pay to
their cattle's diets/rations.
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I bought a Browning 16ga auto from 3waycross several years ago. Had it shipped here to a gun shop. Its older but beautiful and i have never put the barrel back on it. Its still in the box he shipped it in.
Sweet 16??
Those things have sure commanded a premium!
They are beautiful! Even the regular 16

I'm still looking for a twelvette!

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