Vaughn #1 bermuda

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dt34715":3v1yqkg7 said:
What do you spray as Pre-emerge to prevent crab grass and what results do you have?

Planting vaughns makes me curious what state you live in. I have many failed attempts, at many different varieties of Bermuda. Haven't tried vaughns, but I thinks it's more suitable for my climate than some I've tried. Ditto on the crabgrass.
dt34715":2e1v6myy said:

Thanks. I suspected you were a tennessean. Going from memory, when U.K. Tested several different varieties, the Vaughns made some decent tonage here.
I would suspect the only reason to try and kill the crabgrass would be for the horse hay market. Otherwise, hands down the best summer grass I can grow in GA. Cows will walk past the BMR pearl millet to eat the crabgrass. Nobody's nose knows like the cow's nose knows...or so I've heard.

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