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Sep 27, 2008
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NSW Australia
Ok well i am after some info as i have done a search and didn't find alot.

Cow # 1 LOTS of gunk on top of tail coming out of vulva,creamy crusty stuff not in calf.Just off the dairy

Cows # 2 and 3 Inside of vulva looks like it is rubbed.Best way to describe it i guess ,small red dots that are raised etc.Havn't seem them in heat since January/February but going to get preg tests done next week.
From the info i have found, could this be sign of vagintis etc etc and if so how to treat?
Thanks HD,
Just flicking through my AI book and it states that you can irrigate the cow with 5ml of Tea tree oil to 100 ml of distilled water.
Anybody done this?
You can use a pipette and insert a 20-50 mls or so into the cervix of a tetracycline solution or you can just treat with an antibiotic and do a gnrh, prostaglandin program..