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Feb 19, 2007
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southwest mississippi
how does my typical cattle working protocal compare to yours? just asking to see if i'm missing anything, or over doing anything.... calves born november and december..1 March...castrate, tip, (brand, tatoo few registred hd.); ear tag...give all cattle cattlemaster4+vl5 2 doses 4 weeks apart; 2 doses ultrabac 8 4 weeks apart; pour-on dewormer... 2 June provide fly tags and another dose of dewormer....3 July gather and fly spray, begin to wean/precondition calves.. give all calves Bovi-shield gold fp 5 lp5 followed up 3 weeks later with bovi-shield brsv...... 4 august sell comercial calves....September gather cattle, pregnancy test, remove fly tags, apply dewormer and id tags.
Why vaccinate with Cattlemaster, Ultra-bac and Bovi-shield Gold in the same year? I have no first hand knowledge of Cattlemaster or Ultra-bac, but I believe they are a broad spectrum vaccination. I am familiar with Bovi-shield Gold, as we used it for many years. I'm assuming that the Ultra-bac/Cattlemaster brings something to the table that Bovi-shield does not, so why just vaccinate for that individual disease instead of duplicating? We dewormed only twice a year, but our area is not as hot and wet as yours so we didn't have the parasite problems that you probably have because of that. We also castrated a bit earlier, but our calving season was March and April, and I don't know what your winters are like. Our calves were eartagged at birth(within a few days of birth) with their mother's number, then the replacement heifers were retagged at a year old. Considering your climate, you might possibly want to look into Scour-guarding your Mom's - it sure saved us a lot of time, trouble, and sick calves. Other than that, seems like you have a good program.
I calve in the fall Sept. Oct. then in march I vac with Bovisheild gold 5, and one shot ultra 7 and worm with Dectomax injectable, repeat in 4 weeks with the vac at weaning April and castrate bull calves usually 2 wks later
worm again in June sell hfrs 1st to 2nd of July ship steers to feed lot in August or Sept
I believe Cattlemaster is the non MLV version of Pfizers Bovi-shield. So I assume that you are vaccinating cows with the Cattlemaster because they were not vaccinated and boostered prior to breeding with the MLV. If your cows are vaccinated and booster already you only need the one shot of the Cattlemaster I believe?

I now have all my cows on Bovi-shield Gold, vaccinate in early spring, plus a shot of Vision 8, plus deworm with Cydectin or Dectomax and sometimes a oral drench for liver flukes. I have two groups of calves, spring and fall. I ear tag and band at birth. Sometimes if I have facilities at the pasture and have time I will run the calves through the chute at 5 months or so and vaccinate the first dose of Bovi-shield and Vison 8 and deworm and then the booster at weaning about 4 weeks earlier, otherwise I grab them, take them back to the farm and wean them then vaccinate.
Cattlemaster is a "modified" MLV - kind of inbetween Killed & MLV. Much better than killed, not as good as MLV. SAFE to use on calves nursing cows.
I vaccinate my COWS with a MLV 1 month PRIOR to breeding, than I can use a MLV on the nursing calves.
I also give our calves a vaccine for Pasturella (expensive!)
I switched from BVS-5 to Vista (has Past in it).
You are doing it right - giving BVS Gold 5L5 than BVS BRSV - BUT, there is little price difference, I would hit them the 2nd time with the BVS G 5L5, again. BECAUSE, there is really only about a 80% full coverage with the first shot, so pharmaceutical companies are recommended hitting them twice with MLV - AND - Lepto needs to be boostered also, so you are getting better coverage, and boostering your BRSV & lepto.
So, we give cows MLV prior to breeding, MLV (2 doses) to calves during nursing, and again a MLV at weaning. We also deworm calves while nursing (mid summer - sometimes twice) and again in fall.
Cowherd dewormed late spring & fall.

Looks like you are on a good program.

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