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This is probably a dumb question but i was wondering what vaccinations you give your cows and calves every year and what brands you are using. I can't distinguish between the different brands they all seem to say the same thing to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Bubba

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> Hey Bubba! No dumb questions, just dumb

We're in Texas Panhandle and raise registered Texas Longhorns. Our vaccination program for bovines includes:

1. 7-Way & Lepto for blackleg and other stuff. 2. Vet done (required) Bangs (brucellosis)for heifers...must be done before she reaches 12 months old (only done one time). 3. Dectomax injection for broad spectrum systemic de-worming (Ivomec is alternative)--done in spring and fall. (some people use a "pour-on" version of these). 4. If you obtain cattle from out of state, they should have all vaccinations prior to shipment plus a Vet's health certificate. Some states also require a negative TB test. 5. Bulls should also probably have vaccinations for sexually-transmitted diseases, especially if you rent or lease a bull (yours or someone else's). 6. We work out cattle 2X a year, spring and fall--vaccinations that are needed, de-worming Rx. We measure horn length several times a year. Bill.

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Spring - Covexin 8 for Clostridial, Triangle 9 for BVD, etc. Worm with pour-on Ivomec or Dectomax. Fall - worm with Safeguard. Calves -3wks to 2 months band/tag, same vaccine as above; 5-6 months repeat vaccines, worm with Safeguard.

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