vaccinations and worming

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May 11, 2004
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What time of year do you guys vaccinate and worm? How often? Also what vaccinations do you give?

Spring & Fall: De-worm. Between 4 & 12 months old, brucellosis vaccination by Vet for heifers. Calves 1st comprehensive series at about 4 months and 2nd follow-up series at about 5 months old. Annual booster shots for adult cattle in spring.

Starting January, 2005, annual repeat testing for Brucellosis and TB for our entire herd to comply with pending TAHC certified disease free herd.

Spraying for flies as needed.
Worm in the spring on mature herd, again before weaning on calves, repeat on mature cows if they look like they need it. Use ivermectrin pour on in rotation with Safe-Guard pellets. Hang up fly rub and spray as needed as well. Vaccinate in spring.
Curious about equivalency of Pour-On vs. Injectible....

I recently talked to a Vet about Dectomax Pour-On and Dectomax Injectible. He indicated that the Pour-On was only about 15% systemically effective compared with the Injectible at about 90% (supposedly based on research results).

If this is the case (with the dosage for both Pour-On and Injectible costing about the same per 100# of body weight), then, my figures indicate that to achieve the 90% effectiveness with the Pour-On, the Pour-On would end up costing about 6X as much as the injectible.

Anyone else out there have any information or actual experiences using the two formulations?


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