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Had a cow with a vaginal prolapse about 6 weeks before calving. Sewed her up with the boot lace and loop type deal. By the time she got around to calving it smelled horrible back there. Never went off feed, acted just like always. When she calved we pulled the laces, calved no problem. Here is the deal. Her heifer calf from the very first day would urinate in spurts and not a good stream. She's six weeks old now, and there is a white clotty looking substance in her urine. A couple of days ago her navel started to swell. She had her navel well drowned in iodine at birth. The question, is it possible she got a low grade infection from her dam while she was being carried? The cow, we're going to butcher her when she weans her calf, healed right up and started cycling 31 days post calving. Any ideas. I know anything is possible, but is it likely? I forgot to ask the vet when he was here for spring workup but thought I'ld get a second opinion before I get his first.


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If she stunk, she had excessive numbers of bacteria there. If she had the bacteria either contaminate the placenta or her milk, the calf could have picked up an infection from her...however it's more likely that the calf has septicemia etc from insufficient colostral antibodies from the cow using her antibodies for her own infection vs putting them into the colostrum. Clear as mud? As for the urine, she has cystitis or even pyelonephritis (kidney infection) both of which could be a real problem. On a bit of a tangent, penicillin happens to concentrate through the kidney and to the bladder, so you have higher levels there than in the blood. Odd detail, I know......

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