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I think I have heard of it. Isn't it from contaminated feed especially silage or baleage. It more common in dairy cattle.

If this what I am thinking of it leads to miscarriages and sterility..

I may be wrong though, as what I am thinking of has a more generic term..
ffamom":o3mq9k36 said:
Anyone had to deal with this? We have a heifer that has it.
How can you tell the difference between it and really severe pinkeye?
Oops, I guess I was thinking of something else. I did a search and really couldn't find anything in depth about it . Something about the cause is bagged or wrapped silage and is common in more dairy cattle.

Does anyone have a decent link or study of this ?

Ffamom what does your vet say is the cause and treatments if any.

Edited to add,
Now I am a complete loss as I went on line and through my own Merck vet manul and find nothing reffering to cattle. It says about horses, cats and dogs.. :?
The vet said it was probably from some type of trauma, but in most cases you don't know what caused it. The heifer's iris is spasming so that she only has a slit for a pupil. If we can't get the inflammation down, then her iris (muscle that opens and closes pupil) will adhere to the lens and she will lose sight in that eye.

She is being treated with a steriod that you place in the eye as well as a dialator. She is returns to the vet in a week to see if he pupil has dialate or if it is adhered.

The first vet we saw was sure it was pink eye. However, he didn't even look in her eye. He just saw it tearing and the drought we are in and made that inference. We treated her for pink eye and saw no improvement.

Second vet took a light and looked in her eye (made us look) and it was pretty obvious. I can't find much on cattle, but she has the same signs as a human would.
Never dealt with it in cattle, but have dealt with it in horses. The treatment was almost the same.

There's a horse where I work that has chronic uveitis, in that she has 'flare-ups'. She is on aspirin therapy, one dose a day as a preventative and is has made a big difference. However I would think that preventive would not be applied to cattle.

The flare-up treatments she recieves,(similar to your cow) does help, and does clear things up in about a week or so.

Good luck.


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