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Feb 15, 2020
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West Central,IL
Often hear about racism in Chicago. How do we accept that all the time? Here's who runs the city.

A city with complete gun control- CHICAGO
Systemic Racism in Chicago?

1. 2,240 Shootings, 440 Homicides from January thru July 2020. Almost every shooter and homicide was BLACK - 97.7%, but BLM and Chicago‘s Democratic Politicians blame “police and systemic racism.”

2. The Chicago mayor is black.

3. The Superintendent of Police is black.

4. The Cook County States’ Attorney is black.

5. The Chief Judge of Cook County Circuit Courts is black.

6 The Illinois Attorney General is black.

7. The Chicago Fire Department Commissioner is black.

8. The Cook County Board President is black.

9. The State Senate Majority Leader is black.

10. The Illinois Lieutenant Governor is black.

11. The Illinois Secretary of State is black.

12. The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County is black.

13. The Cook County Clerk is black.

14. The Chicago Treasurer is black.

15. The Chicago Police Board President is black.

16. The Chicago Transit Authority President is black.

17. The CEO of Chicago Public Schools is black.

18. The Commissioner of the Department of Water Management is black.

19. 40% of the City Council belong to the Black Caucus.

The average pay check is $122,304 annually each, PLUS $122,000 per year for expenses. State pensions are for life at 80% of last paycheck.

Republican head count in the City Council is ZERO.

William Hale Thompson was the last Republican Mayor of Chicago in 1931.

For 89 years Democrats have controlled the Chicago Mayor’s Office.

At the end of fiscal 2019 the Chicago deficit was $838,200,000!

Can someone please explain how it's possible for Republicans, Donald Trump in particular, or white people in general, to be responsible for Chicago's horrendously dismal condition?
It's not about color. It's about attitude and lack of work ethic.
Chicago's view is: let everyone be equally miserable, who cares if they kill each other, they don't pay taxes anyway.

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