Upper Midwest fishing

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Nov 29, 2006
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Northern Illinois
Opener is two weeks away, not sure the ice will be off the lakes by then, last year at this time the ice was pretty much gone, going to take some warmer weather and rain to get it gone, we have a trip planned for the 17th of May, in spooner wi, hope it's gone by then.
Musky fishing doesn't open until May 26, I believe, we fish for walleye, northern pike, crappie, and bluegill, usually that time of the year crappie are spawning, might be a little later this year.
No open water up here yet...fishing opener may require an auger at this rate! Haase, let me know when you are up this way if you want to check out some Limis! We are about an hour southwest of Spooner.
Sounds good boot Jack, we will be up there on the 17th, hopefully it will be open water by then, we could also meet up at west point or McKenzie landing for a cold one.
Ice was off last weekend and most docks are in,looks like we will be able to use the boat instead of a ice auger, now just hope the fishing is good.

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