Update in the 16mth. old heifer due to calve..Gray bull

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Sep 11, 2007
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Southeastern,TN. USA
If you guys remember I told you of a 16 month old heifer I bought in November that started making a bag. I called the vet out almost two weeks ago and he checked and she was bred. The sire is her father ,unfortunetly, and she is very young. Well, she had the calf this morning . I was lucky to catch it in progress. She did great and had it on her own. It is a Grey....3/4 Murray Grey 1/4 Limo bull calf. Man was I sweating this one but so far so good. Her instincts are good but she did turn in circles for a while when he tried to suck. They managed to work it out. I am thankful to God that I have had a good calf crop with health animals this year.
Yes, she idid it on her own. The calf was small and I did break the bag due to the fact it didn't break on the way out. All is well and she is a good mamma.

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