unusual coyote carcass

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Jan 6, 2006
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While hunting in some canyons found the front half of a coyote, head and two front quarters. no signs of a fight, nothing, no other parts in the area. Anyone got any ideas? I am 58 yrs old, hunted my whole life, except for military time. never seen anything like this.
We were in S.E. Colo. in the canyons. Have heard rumors of wolf-hybrids being dumped. Have also heard of the Mexican wolf moving northward thru New Mexico. Don't big cats cover/ or attempt to cover remains of kills with debris? I am at a loss. But will keep a close watch on my dogs. I know an outfitter in that area, I will give him a call, see what he thinks. Just a very curious thing.
Seems like I read there are two and a half coyotes per square mile down there. Guess you found the half. ;-)
Matt if you're where I think you are, then it could be the UFO's come back and workin on Coyotes this time instead of cows and horses. :help:
dyates":3tj9awe0 said:
If you figure out what it was, give it a pat on the back and a raise. Then, tell us so we can get one.

That is a very strange discovery....we think we know a lot about mother nature but she is always surprising us.
Could be a bear. Half a coyote is just a snack......better keep a sharp eye open he might come back for the second half :D
As someone said maybe a large cat...my cat caught a rabbitt once and we didn't have time to throw it over the fence so when we got back he had chewed off the entire FRONT end with no leftovers...
matt090303":ktzekhe0 said:
It was a mountain lion. all who stated large cat were right

Where ya been for 2 years Matt. Welcome back! I am guessing ya'll are burnt up pretty bad these days. I talked to my friend over by Pinon Canyon last week and he says they went past brown to grey about a month ago.

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