Udder size after calving?

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Sep 17, 2018
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Southeast Ohio
One of my cows just calved yesterday and I am wondering about her udder and/or milk production I guess. This is the first calf that she has had for me and I don't know a lot about her background. Was told she was a heifer then was told she had a calf at one point in another conversation, so who knows.

My other cows I don't really wonder about (some probably have too much milk) but this one's udder just seems like there isn't much there? I have some photos I just took to post and get your thoughts but of course I struggled to get good ones.

She either is an extremely poor milker, or she hasn't fully drop her milk yet, which can happen, and happens more often in heifers. Caused mostly by hormone imbalanced, or early pregnancy which happens in first timers. Could also be caused by sickness prior to calving.
One thing you can try is giving 5cc of oxytocin to cause milk drop. I would also go a head and give the calf a dose of colostrum.
Well, going to try And get a dose of colostrum down her and then the mom will be hitting the trailer. Udderly ridiculous..... :mad:

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