Type of cattle?

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I am looking to buy a calf and raise it on afriends farm. This will be raised for beef. What type of cattle is best other than Angus.
Not knowing where your located, it would be hard to go wrong with British breeds or British crosses. Climate would impact my choice.
I've got to agree with Campground.
British Breed or British Crosses would work just about anywheres.
Are you trying to stay away from the Angus? I personally like Hereford /Angus cross for my steer. They finish out real nice.
Agree.......go with Herefords.....they got great dispositions and are cheap at salebarns (why? I don't know!). Or go with a baldie calf....
dcara":3n5nwmja said:
Here's a link with some basic explanations on breed types and crosses. Does anyone has more of this type of information they could post?


If you do a "google" searh for "cattle heterosis" and maybe throw in "crossbreeding" and you will get more information then you can possibly use.


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