TX cattle buying history

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Mar 7, 2016
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Fencemans place...central Texas
bird dog":26awhiqh said:
I stumbled across this and thought others might enjoy the read. Its a bit long.

http://www.williamson-county-historical ... _TEXAS.htm

The ranch I am now reworking belonged to the Mr. Vann from Vann Roach Cattle that is noted in this story.
He passed I believe in 2012 and the place fell in to disrepair before I bought it in 2016.

Thanks for sharing birddog
Lots of great stuff in there.
Built plenty of fence on Capitol pastures.

Lots of capital cowboys around here.
They give you a company truck, brush popper trailer. Feed and board for three horses. And a little walking around money.
. If I can ever get these boys running the fence deal. I might go get me a job over there just to say I did. :D