Two cows down this a.m.

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We have two cows down this morning with weakness in the back legs. They both calved 4-6 days ago. They're on wheat - about to get moved. Would this have anything to do with it, or is it just coincidence? They've been provided a high mag. mineral supplement. We have about 120 head out there all together. They've been on the wheat for about 2 weeks. I realize this doesn't give many details, but maybe someone will recognize a red flag we're missing. Thanks in advance.
That sounds like milk fever or grass tetany, I would get some Cal/Dex in them quick IV, and also some CMPK gell oraly. Call your vet, they can tell you were to get this stuff or bring it with them, if not treated ASAP cows will die, if treated quickly cows can generally recover with no problems

We have had an increase of this in our area due to flip flop weather, cows getting proper nutrition and free choice quality mineral having problems, has something to do with the grass and rapid temp. change, messes with the nutrient availability in the grass which then throws the cows out of wack.

Good Luck

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