Twins (pic)

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Dec 30, 2008
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outside Kansas City MO
Our first ever set of twins. :banana: Combined weight 148 pounds. Heifers. Cow is 6 yr old Tarentaise, calves are purebreds too.


Twin #2
Is there perhaps a male giraffe in the neighbourhood?

Two live heifers out of a cow that seems to have enough milk.... I'll never be that lucky!
You guys are psychic! Luck played a major role in al of this. I confess, we won that cow in a raffle, the tickets were $5. So, that is in fact a $5 cow. Of course she was not even a year old at the time, there was no way to know what a good producer she would turn out to be.

Luck will beat skill any day - you better believe it!
congrats on that fine looking set of twin heifers.momma sure has enough milk to raise emm shes a goodlooking cow to boot.
HS, you can't be serious.

Thanks, Bigbull. Yep, she's got milk. She's always had a big udder but this year is the biggest it's ever been.
Nice twins ,I love them only when they are both alive and mom has milk for two.. :)

HS I would rather be lucky than good any day, and I know for sure that this year I was very lucky as there is know way in h@ll that I am that good.. ;-)