Twins, cow's or bull's fault?

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Fire Sweep Ranch":1frlzfti said:
Here is something interesting; I know of several sets of twins that are the direct result of a frozen implanted embryo! That means that THAT particular embryo split AFTER it was implanted. They are put in at day 7 post conception, so the split into two happens at that point. Of course, they are always same sex, but the markings can be different.
There is a clubby bull by the name of Man Among Boys that has been cloned (now, remember, a clone is an exact duplicate of its donor). Of the three clones, NONE of them are marked the same. I have been told that the white can migrate...not sure how that works.
We have a cow I have put on here before. She twinned this year for the third year in a row. All three sets have been identical. The first two sets were Bulls, and this last set is heifers. The likelyhood of that I am sure is rare, but I am seriously thinking of putting an embryo in her this year just to give her a break and allow her to raise one calf next year. Unless of course, she figures out how to cause the embryo to split ;-)
I saw a documentary about cloning pets. They cloned a calico tabby cat and they ended up with a copycat with a completely different looks. I read an article about a holstein cow have more clones, none of these clones are marked exactly to the original cow, just similar markings.
The bull lets go millions of sperm cells. If the cow has 2 or 3 eggs, well.

I bought a heavy bred white face brindle. She had twin heifers. There are 17 descendants in the herd. Not one of them have had twins. But they calve every 10 1/2 months or so. One of the original twins, #36, has calved 12 in last 11 years. BUT, her last calf was 9/9/2014. The bull was covering her yesterday. So it looks like she's going to stretch it out to a full year this time.

Based on my experience with twin heifer fertility, I welcome them.

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