twin calf birth

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There are several options. Really pour the grain to the cow so that she can gain back some condition and still feed the calves. Take one of the calves away and either bottle feed it or sell it. Or you can give each calf a bottle once a day to supplement them. You may have problems getting the cow bred back if you don't get her back into condition. No matter which scenerio I selected I would start graining the cow just to help prevent the delayed breed back. If it is a mixed birth, a bull and heifer, realize that the heifer is very likely a freemartin and sterile. That may help a little with the decision. If they are both the same gender, I'ld leave the biggest one on the cow and do whatever with the smaller. If you decide to bottle feed supplement the calf/calves you may run into a problem with scours, we haven't but others have. We started supplementing the smallest calf of our twins the day after he was born and kept it up for about two weeks. By then the cow had come into her milk and the sneaky snackers had figured out how to slip in a little milk from other cows while they were feeding their own.

dunmovin farms

> I have twin Limosin calves born
> about a weeks ago and the mother
> is looking poor and her bag seems
> to be shrinking. Any suggestions?

> John,

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