Turkey For Everyone !

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Joy of Texas

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Nov 13, 2007
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On my way to one of my leases,I saw these turkeys on the road. After ,I did alittle more looking I realized there was more in the field. I counted a total of 26.


Amazing how you can see them when not looking for them. Go hunting and they all will disappear.

Most I have ever seen at one time was 96, crossing the road 1 at a time. Looked like there was at least 3 generations of them.
Turkey have rebouded in Louisiana, but you'd never see a sight like that during spring turkey season. Thanks for sharing the picture! I remember the first time I saw a group waking in the morning (I was deer hunting) from their perches in the trees. Scared the begeezes out of me.
Turkeys would regularly stop traffic on Island Grove Road on my way to work. You have to wait for them all to cross. Fifty or more sometimes. Lots of wild turkeys. I haven't seen any around where I live now. I have been seeing a lot of foxes, though. Had not ever seen too many of those.
Used to see lots of turkeys...haven't in at least 2 years. We did see 2 foxes recently...first I've ever seen here. Kinda neat...

We've been seeing turkey. Usually there are about 20 or so in each group. There's one group roosting in one of my pecan trees regularly and another group roosting just across the fence on another pecan. Sometimes you see both groups going to roost.