Tuesday Morning Closing Livestock

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No cash trade as of yet. Larger showlists this week along with a weak CME board may make it difficult to see a steady-better cash trade. Today was the last day to get down to position limits in April fats, so we need to see some leadership from here on out or Junes may not look like all that bad a of a sale at current levels. Cash-connected selling came in from Cargill, RJ O'Brien, and Rosenthal in June today. Technically, we had a reversal to the downside and stopped within a nickel of last weeks's low of 7135 in June. Cargill and Rj O'Brien also sold Feeders today. Resistance did keep a lid on this market yesterday. IMPORTANT--THE ABOVE COMMENTS DO NOT CONSTITUTE BUY/SELL RECOMMENDATIONS. TRADING INVOLVES RISK AND MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE. THE OBSERVATIONS INCLUDE INFORMATION FROM SOURCES BELIEVED TO BE RELIABLE. BUT NO INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION HAS BEEN MADE AND THEREFORE THEIR ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS CANNOT BE GUARANTEED.

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