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Jun 5, 2005
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Our vet told us to start using this upper respiratory vaccine. It is applied intranasal about a month before your show season. He said it was about 80% effective. Is anyone using it? If we buy 25 doses for the ag barn the cost is around $2.20 per head with the shipping cost added in. A lot cheaper than Nuflor or Draxxin.
I used it when I raised holstein heifers gave it to them as calves. Now I raise beef and dont use it anymore, but i did not have any coughing problems when using it.
Sounds like a good idea. I always hated giving shots to show calves. It sure cant hurt if you are giving it as a prophylactic. We dont show anymore but there are a few kids out there with some of ours. I'm going to reccomend that they at least look into it.
TSV2 & Nasalgen are a great vaccine. We use it for our showstring also, for immediate protection against IBR & PI3. This is in addition to our normal vaccination program, using a MLV twice prior to weaning (of course, cows are also vaccinated with MLV prior to their breeding), and again later in the fall.
But, if your calf starts to get sick, you can squirt them with this nasal product & it kicks in their own immune system & they generally can fight off the bug without antibiotics. Love not having to give a SHOT! Prior to trucking to their first show, we sometimes give TSV2 to kick in thir immune system to avoid them getting sick from the stress.
Great product.

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