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haha. TOYota, thats funny. seriously though, the only good part of the Tundra is the enire rear window rolls down. you know whats really funny? watching TV and they advertise the Texas Edition Toyota.
You think a Tundra sounds funny,back in the late 70's, early 80's neighbors used to pull 16 foot bumper pulls with those early Toy 4 wheel drives. When I asked how they did it,the son said "we got the big motor option" I guess that would have been the hyper chipmunk package. :lol:
I love reading this post. You guys crack me up! I have seen people pull a bumper pull with the "big" Toyota and they haven't had any problems.
Ive heard that in 2006 that Toyota will make a Tundra diesel and it will be a ton dually. I wonder how that will add up? I drive a a 94 Toyota 4WD and its a great truck, and one of these days I want to get a diesel, I dont really have a preference of which kind Dodge, Ford , GM. And any way not all farmers in the US drive big nice fancy diesel trucks. Alot of farmers could care less what kind of truck they drive, as long as they can throw some baling twine and feed in the back who cares. My neighbor who is 70 some years old and has been farming all his life, well he drove a 1954 Chevy till up in the 1980's. He even hauled the ole' Hereford bull "Charlie" from his leased farms to his farm in the back of that old truck. Now dont get me wrong, nobody wants a diesel truck more than I do. I mean you dont have to have a a big old diesel truck to farm but they sure as heck make a difference with there power and fuel mileage and not to mention, they look and sound awesome

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