Tritacale vs. Wheat

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Jul 23, 2004
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West Central Texas Area
Can someone give me the pros and cons of Tritacale vs. Wheat for winter pastures in west central Texas. My neighbor recommends planting Tritacale instead of Wheat for my winter grazing. I am not familiar with Tritacale. Any response would be appreciated.
Triticale, a wheat/rye cross is planted in sandy loam soils in central Texas because it gives somewhat earlier grazing in those type soils and if planting in late fall after the soil temp drops seems to still be able to establish itself to overwinter.
One drawback of triticale to beardless wheat is cattle will graze beardless wheat after heading and somewhat less to triticale. Grazed to reduce heading it is a good choice. It depends on the needs of the producer, the soil type, intended use etc.
I would suggest you try some of both and next year you will know what best suits your situation.

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