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Oct 9, 2006
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Wales, UK
Hey all, this summer hoping to make the trip from Wales to Canada to see my uncle on his farm, so wondering any advice on good Agricultural shows like Calgary Stampede and the like to go and see, or any other suggestions to do with agriculture or cattle. cheers
Matt; I'm sure that you can appreciate that Canada is a huge country; Where does your uncle live and what month's will you be over for. There's lots to see but you'll need to be more specific! Calgary Stampede is an event you should attend but it arguably is more of a tourist attraction and has only a limited agricultural content.Lot's of fun though!! :welcome:
If you are coming to Alberta The Rockies are a definite must see..They make you realize just how insignificant you are in the grand scheme of things..
We will be staying in Manitoba however travelling around alot, no idea when you guys have your bull sales out there but would impressive to go see one or a big cattle show. heers
Welcome to Canada. for night entertainment, Montréal and québec citys are among the best place in Canada. The bars close at 03:30 in the morning....
Anyways, I wish you a good trip.

Well it would depend on where and when in Manitoba!
there are a variety of Rodeos all over the province, fairs and trade shows. Most of the big Ag ones happen in the fall, early winter or spring.
So what part of Manitoba, and when?
If you are in Alberta July 13- 16 then you should come see the World Angus Forum. It is at Spruce Meadows short drive from Calgary. It is promising to be a good time. Here is a link:

BTW, the Stampede goes from the 3rd to the 12th this year so you could take them both in. If you go to the Stampede be sure to stay and watch the Chuckwagon races and Grand Stand show.
thanks guys, the place we are staying is called bosseievein , probably the wrong spelling but something along those lines. cheers
How long is your visit? September thru November is the best in my opinion to see Canada in terms of AG shows and scenery. Summer in Manitoba is just plan crazy if you ask me. And before y'all from Manitoba get all excited about that statement I want you to know I was born in Winnipeg. But man, the mosiqitos will eat any warm-blooded mammal alive. And don't tell me you don't know what I am talking about either my fellow Canadians. They are bat sized there and any one of us can confirm that to be God's honest truth.

But as one poster stated, you'll find lots of rodeos during your visit in the summer but most ag fairs and what have you don't gear up til fall.
Boissevain Manitoba, is just south of Brandon MB. In that area there are several rodeos in the summer, as well as other fairs. Manitoba has a tremendos amount of fairs and festivals.

And yes Bear Bait, those mosiquitos are quite something to behold in Manitoba, and huge, along with the horse flies and wood ticks.
Mosiquitos will make or brake a trip. Most of my memories as a child had to do with the mosiquitos and flood waters.

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