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I would contact a local hoof trimmer. I would find him/her through the advertisements placed in farm newspapers. I have had my local extension agent tell me who is trimming hooves in my area. The thing that was attractive to me about having him come to my home and do my cattle was that he had his own chute that he brought with him. Sometimes, these fellows don't mind taking on an apprentice. If there are any community colleges in your area, check their libraries for vet manuals... you will learn a lot from them.

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We have trimmed hooves in the past, but realize this is a dangerous sport - even with a chute. In Georgia, there is a fellow who specializes in hoof trimming, the key to reducing the danger is to have the ability to restrain and then turn the cow on his side on a table so the trimming can be performed without inicident. He tags that equipment along with him to the farm. Be careful.
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A> has some info available - videotape &, I think, books.

I watched a friend trim a heifer's hooves before a show simply by using a wood chisel and mallet. This was one of my heifers who had been halter broke just two weeks before and it was the heifer's first time in a grooming chute. The chisel did a superb job.

> I want to learn how to trim my own
> cattles' hooves. How should I go
> about getting info on how triming
> hooves is done? Thank you.

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