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Not nearly enough information. How big are the calves, feed by hand or in a trough/feeder,what's the purpose?

My oxen I used to feed those cheap junky tasting sugar wafer cookies when I was training them.
She is almost 4 months old. She is a pet. I have just recently stopped the bottle feeding and
I want to be able to give her something other than her regular food but i do not want to give her
something that might hurt her.
Hay cubes work good but she may have problems eating them at first. Break them into short chunks and they should work. That's to hand feed her.
My calves like carrot cake horse cookies, they go bonkers for them ..They come up to me when they see me with the bag and I give them a couple each which they take from my hand.

Whatever you give them make sure you read the ingredients and do not feed them anything with animal protein in it. NO ANIMAL PROTEIN...

You can always use the ole faithful ,,,grain..
All feed is a treat to a cow or calf. Feed him his regular feed (if you're feeding him). He'll love it just as much and it's made for him. (hopefully). :)
novatech":2zovzjoh said:
A nice cold beer. Makes them forget their real purpose in life.

For you or the calf?
by dun

BOTH, why not share.. :p

Even with high grain prices beer gets pretty expensive, especially here with all the hidden tax ,one bottle/can of a reg. lager costs almost 2 dollars..Plus that would diminish the house supply.. :lol2:
What is it with cows and beer (mainly dairy cows) :? ,btw I have a horse that likes rye and coke.... :help:
I buy a bag of "complete calf" sweet feed (non medicated) - it has a lot of molasses in it but as mentioned above, it is intended for cattle.

I let the cows and now calves get a taste of it in a tough. Then I hold the bucket so they gradually come to you and stick their head right in the bucket. This gentles them over time and instead of shying away they come towards you when they see you, especially useful for calves.

And I never let the bull come to the bucket. He likes the sweet feed but his goes in the feed bunk and he knows it.
We have fed the alfalfa cubes as treats and they seem to like those, both cows and calves. Or range cubes. They do also make an alfalfa pellet.
Ours love grain. Most of them also like horse treats. We have never tried the peppermint ones, but they like the berry or apple flavored one. They also like apples. We cut them or stomp on them, so they don't choke. We used to get day old bread form a bread store for cheap and they loved that, too.
Any thing but grass is a treat for our cows. We go to the “used bread store” every time were in town (it’s $.08 a loaf after tax), cut apples in to 8ths (home grown), grass clippings from my yard, any old veggies (sometimes they get hit with a hammer), the bags of corn husks from the veggie stands (just have to supply the heavy garbage bags and pick them up 2 times a week), and anything else I can get on the cheapo.

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