Treatment Time for a Joint Infection?

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
I treated a calf for two weeks and he seemed just fine. Once I quit the daily pen dose his joints swelled up again. :(

How long do you typically treat for this?
For joint/navel ill the last one we treated that recovered we treated for 3 weeks, every other day of double dosage of long acting pen. Turned out to be a darn good cow so it was worth it.
I would hit him with a shot of dex and go at it for another 2 weeks with the pen . As dun says don't be afraid to use a high dose .

We are back on the daily treatments. I am injecting above and below the most swollen joint.

Any preference between 10 cc of pen vs. 4 cc of Tylan 200?
All we used was long acting Pen. It was extralabel perscribed by the vet.
Nuflor works very well on joint issues for us. Can be used IM or SQ. IM injection every 48 hours until on the mend with something like joint ill. Good luck!
Haven't seen a post from you lately. How is the calf? I am treating one very similar to your calf. We have used the dex, LA, Pen, and Banamine. Our calf is very alert and "tells" us what is working and what doesn't. He was bought through a sale barn. He is 125lbs. guessing about 3 weeks old. The Banamine works best, along with the pen (long-acting). The Banamine helps with the inflamation and any fever. It makes him feel better.
I do have some other bits of info that might help. Let us know how the calf is doing.
"Red" is doing well. I dropped the pen and he seems to be over the joint issues. I use a sulfa/Tylan 200 mix for joint problems if they do not respond to standard antibiotics.

We loaned him to the neighbor kids (5 and 3 yrs old) for a couple days. They learned not to wear sandals around him. :lol2:

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